TOPEEPAll and one by one


TOPEEP is centered around appearance and disappearance, the visible and the invisible, the unveiling and the transformation. Questions around gaze, how it can be manipulated and transformed according to the point of view are central in our research.
Here we use the peep show and the circus tent set up to articulate this issues. The aim is to find a space for bodily expression through the exploration of a singular, reduced and closed stage area, to experience what movement can produce, and how it influences the way the subjects perceive and express the space in which they are located. A compartmentalized space of several booths in which one spectator is located.
We generate at the same time poetry of images perceived differently by the public according to the total, partial or non-existent angle of view on the staged body.

We create a choreographic score and at each new programming, we invite one or several artists of various backgrounds to perform on this issues.

As in the merry-go-round, you have to take your place. Every ten minutes, the curtain rises, and a game is set up where the "encabined" public watches and is watched.

Very close to the stage and yet separated, a new relationship is created between the artists and the public. The game is radically shaken by the permanence and circularity of the gaze.